About us
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The Office of the Vice-Chancellor is headed by Prof. Peter M. F. Mbithi as the Chief Executive Officer of the University of Nairobi. 

The Vice-Chancellor is the Accounting Officer of the University as an agency of Government. The Office of the Vice-Chancellor has other sub units like ; The Performance Contract Unit, Advancement Office and Public Relations Office. 

As the premier institution of higher learning in Kenya, the University has continued to offer quality education and training that meets the expectations of industry and the
general populace.

University of Nairobi offers a huge array of programmes, which are built within curricula that is prepared in consultation with Industry. The University has also risen to the challenge of Kenya’s Vision 2030 in terms of offering Kenyans greater opportunities for transiting to University, and ultimately, making a significant contribution in turning Kenya into a middle income economy. 

The University of Nairobi has continued to perform well both locally and globally. 

The good performance of the University is attributed to the commitment and dedication of staff who worked tirelessly to support management in achieving University objectives.
Within the year a lot of support, direct and in kind, was received from the government, donors, sponsors, alumni and other stakeholders.