Fred Swaniker : Lets be Job Creators.
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Fri, 2018-07-06 14:36
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Taifa Hall

Fred Swaniker on Leadership

Ghanaian leading serial entrepreneur and leadership development expert, Mr. Fred Swaniker, urged University of Nairobi students to work towards creating jobs upon completing their studies, than being job seekers.

Speaking to an audience composed of staff and students, at Taifa Hall, on July 5, 2018, Fred Swaniker outlined his goal of creating one billion jobs in the next 6,000 days. “In 6,000 days we shall have 1 billion jobless youth across the African continent. A crisis is waiting to happen. We either take advantage of it by preparing well or we wait for the crisis to happen. This is the greatest opportunity for us all since the average age of the African population is 19 years. We have an opportunity to create innovations and prosperity for the world at large. In deed Kenya is leading in the innovations front as this is the home of Mpesa,” he said.

To achieve his dream of creating one billion jobs, Mr. Swaniker called on the audience to embrace unconventional ways to achieve the dream. One of the ways he proposed was working with the University of Nairobi in establishing a leadership program.  “If you need doctors, you open a medical school, if you need engineers, you open an engineering school and hence if we need leaders, we must open a leadership school,” he said.

A total of $ 200 million has been raised to realize the dream of training 3 million leaders across Africa. Some of the graduates of the leadership program by Mr. Swaniker have been absorbed by giant multinationals like McKinsey & Company, Google, and Microsoft among other American conglomerates.

University of Nairobi students were told that they are among the privileged few to have achieved university education and hence they must work extra hard and create jobs to help the less privileged youth in the country and in the continent.

Some of the opportunities that can be explored include urbanization challenges like housing, sanitation, healthcare, education and infrastructure. According to Mr. Swaniker, as more people continue to migrate to towns, housing problems will increase tenfold and hence those who venture into low cost housing are going to make millions of shillings even as they create employment to the youth. With urbanization as well comes issues of garbage and sanitization. “You can be garbage millionaires, “he said. He urged students to embrace technology and use it to deliver quality education to growing populace.  Other sectors that can be invested in that he alluded to are; infrastructure development and climate change.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Swaniker outlined other growth opportunities for today’s young people. Such opportunities include: agriculture, creative industry, tourism, wildlife conservation among others.

To succeed, individual entrepreneurs need to develop skills like critical thinking, data analysis, communication and problem solving skills. Students graduating from universities were urged to embrace continuous professional development as it gives then an edge over their peers and enhances their chances of employment.


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