Government urged to reduce tax on Manufacturing to spur jobs growth.
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Wed, 2018-03-21 09:17

Nation Leadership Forum - Manufacturing

The government has been urged to reduce taxes on the manufacturing sector to help in the creation of one million jobs. Manufacturing has been identified as one the Big Four Agenda by the government. The other three are housing, food security and healthcare.

The fourth edition of Nation Leadership Forum, was held yesterday at the Chandaria Auditorium, Main Campus where top executives and players in the manufacturing sector were present and they were joined by the Cabinet Secretary for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Mr. Aden Mohammed.

The manufacturers in unison, urged the government to lower the taxes being levied on them and they further need equal treatment just like new investors get incentives as they come into the country. “As new investor come into the country, they receive a lot of incentives, which we don’t get, yet it will take them between three to five years to adapt to the environment and start creating jobs. If we get these incentives, we are in a position to create more jobs”, said Isuzu representative.

Prof. Bitange Ndemo, from the School of Business, challenged the manufacturers to embrace technology. He observed that new technological advancement like 3D printing will go a long way in helping manufacturing reduce costs, produce more goods and create more jobs. “The main reason, we export raw materials and not finished products is because we have not embraced technology. Our innovators in the jua-kali sector cannot produce 2 beds that look alike, “he said.

Vimal Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Bidco Group of Companies observed that Kenyan has a high skilled manpower that is able to achieve a lot and able to drive the manufacturing sector from the current 8% to 15% contribution to the GDP.

The University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, who was represented by Prof. Henry Mutoro, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, observed that the television program, Nation Leadership Forum, gives stakeholders an opportunity to raise pertinent issues with policy makers, helps in catalyzing growth and holding leaders accountable.

The live television debate addressed key issues like market accessibility, industry competitiveness, energy costs, environmental sustainability among others.



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Wed, 2018-03-21 09:17
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