Message from the VC
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The University is one of the greatest inventions of our time. Although created more than nine centuries ago, it remains one of the glories of human aspirations and one of the triumphs of the power of imagination. To wholly understand this fact, you need to be integrated into the University system.

The University of Nairobi uses the 'learning centered' approach in its programmes. This has enabled our institution to create an environment that graduates students with well-developed intellectual skills in their field of specialization.

They also have a foundation of broad knowledge, effective written and oral communication skills, a strong ethical base, a sense of civil responsibility, proficiency in the use of technology, a global perspective and desire to pursue life long learning.

As a result, the University of Nairobi produces graduates not only equipped for the jobs in the market but also well armed to cope with life itself. True to our tradition, the students are urged to cultivate a sense of independent thinking and responsible action.

The challenge of the students then is to ensure that they maintain the University's position as the leading public university in Kenya.

Prof. Peter M.F. Mbithi, Vice-Chancellor, University of Nairobi