Performance Contract Unit -
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Mr. Leonard Musyoka during Performance Contract Review

Monitoring responsibilities

The overall performance monitoring and evaluation shall be the responsibility of the top management, college principals, deans/directors and heads of departments and units. It is the responsibility of these managers and other heads of projects and programmes to monitor the performance of their areas of jurisdiction in the implementation of this strategic plan and recommend or take appropriate action.

The monitoring and evaluation shall be carried out by the University’s Transformation, Performance Management and Reform Unit (TPRU) under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (A&F), whose responsibilities shall include:

  1. developing the corporate strategic plan
  2. harmonizing corporate and unit strategic plans
  3. coordinating annual work plans
  4. developing a reporting template and other monitoring and evaluation instruments
  5. receiving, analyzing, summarizing and consolidating reports from lower units for onward transmission to the management as per specific timelines
  6. carrying out annual, mid-term, end-term and ad-hoc evaluations and explaining any significant variations in performance to the management 
  7. coordinating and helping in drafting performance contracts for all levels and staff reporting on performance contract targets
  8. coordinating performance evaluation
  9. identifying and tracking performance benchmarks
  10. coordinating ISO 9001:2008 activities

This monitoring structure and responsibilities will be replicated at the college level.