Scholars Celebrate Prof. Dorothy McCormick
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Mon, 2018-11-19 13:11

 Scholars Celebrate Prof. Dorothy McCormick

University of Nairobi Scholars drawn from various Colleges and Schools celebrated Prof. Dorothy McCormick after an exemplary 30 years of service.

Speaking during the Valedictorian Farewell party organized by the Institute of Development Studies, IDS, Prof. Madara Ogot, Ag.  Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research Production and Extension, observed that thousands of people have been inspired Prof. McCormick’s work including himself.  

Prof. Dorothy McCormick, one of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and one of the best scholars and most cited academic publishers from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences was described as kind, quite, with a humble soul. “She is admired for her quite firmness and reflective responses and knowledge”, said Prof. Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Associate Dean, School of Law.  “She has contributed significantly to the small and micro enterprises in Kenya and industrialization.”

Prof. Winnie Mitullah, Director, Institute of Development Studies, observed that Prof. McCormick has been keen on teaching, mentorship and doing extension work. She congratulated her  for contributing to the rich academic rigor at the IDS. “You cannot miss funding if you write a proposal and include Prof. McCormick’s name. You cannot miss funding, if you write a proposal and include Prof. Okidi’s name,” she said. Prof. Mitullah urged the University Management to consider giving Emeritus Professors to such highly published members of the academia.

Prof. Karuti Kanyinga observed that students and researchers who are writing papers about small and micro enterprises in Kenya or industrialization in Kenya and forgets to cite Prof. McCormick’s work is not doing enough research.   

One of the University of Nairobi Alumni, Awuor Ponge, described Prof. McCormick as “the supervisor of supervisors”. This is due to the immense contribution that she has made towards mentoring students and lecturers alike. He observed that the University of Nairobi should immortalize Prof. McCormick by having an award given to the best IDS masters’ students. This he observed, will go a long way in immortalizing Prof. Dorothy McCormick. 

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