University Alumni Association holds Breakfast for Eminent Persons at Norfolk Hotel
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Wed, 2015-03-25 13:44

Eminent Persons Breakfast at Norfolk Hotel.

The University of Nairobi in liason with the University of Nairobi Alumni Association organized a breakfast meeting for Eminent Persons – Alumni, Staff, Partners and resources people who will together steer the University to World class ranking. The breakfast meeting took place at the Norfolk hotel, on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Speaking during the event, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, noted that the aim of the breakfast was to share several agenda which will anchor the University to World Standards, key among them ; research and innovation, learning and social facilities, resource mobilization, world class facilities, graduate skills enhancement,  among others.  The Vice-Chancellor noted that the “University must continue to produce quality products and we must compete with the very best in the world.”

The University was also assured of government support by the Cabinet Secretary of Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang.

Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, the Chancellor challenged the University to  work hard so as to better its past performance. “Why be good if better is possible? Why be excellent if perfection is possible?”

The Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology, Dr. Fred Matian’gi, asserted that the era of electronic government is here to stay and it will be run on 3Ds : Design, Devices and Data. People will need to process the big data  to get meaning out of the  massive information they receive. Faster devices will be needed to process the information and good designs will be needed to present the already processed information. He revealed that the market for Education Content is 10 Billion shillings and as a country we need to tap into that.

Former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Crispus Kiamba noted that the University has a huge potential to grow based on the shoulders of its giants – the Alumni, Friends and Partners.

On his part, Dr. Manu Chandaria noted that universities need to embrace people from the private sector  for them to accelerate the pace of growth. This was echoed by the former Chancellor, Dr. Joe Barage Wanjui and former Vice-Chancelor, Prof. George Magoha. He further challenged the government to give philanthropists tax rebates to enable them give more towards supporting education in the country.

Even as the University matches into the future, the brand position needs to be looked into according to Mary Kimonye, the CEO, Brand Kenya.

It was agreed that the Eminent Persons would hold more consultative meetings in the future to check on the progress made so far. 

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