University Community hold Prayer Meeting at Kikuyu Campus
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Mon, 2015-04-13 18:50

Prayer Meeting at Kikuyu Campus

The University Management led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter M. F. Mbithi held prayers at the Kikuyu Campus together with staff and students in show support and  solidarity as they prayed for those still recuperating in hospitals and wished them a quick recovery.

Speaking during the event, the Vice-Chancellor reiterated his administration’s mission of being student-centred and hence it is very unfortunate that the very core of the university main activities gets affected.  He urged students to remain calm, to be strong and together the University shall overcome as “goodness shall prevail over evil”.  Having worked with students all his career life, Prof. Mbithi expressed displeasure at the security threats directed towards students. He also expressed his satisfaction at the peaceful SONU elections and commended the students for coming out to help their injured colleagues even as the situation returns to normalcy.  

He further charged the students to be very alert. The administration has put in place security measures and extra security vigilance to ensure that the safety of students is not compromised. The Vice-Chancellor also announced that the exams has been pushed forward by one week to enable students recover as they go through medical counselling following the blast.  To those undergoing treatment, Prof. Mbithi assured students that their colleagues will get the best medical care.

During the incident, in which one of the transformers blew up leading to the death of one student and several others getting injured in the process, the students were discouraged and living in fear. It is in this respect that the University Management deemed it fit to encourage them and to show their support.

Speaker after speaker praised the students for coming out strongly to rescue fellow students who were injured during the incident. Many people came to the rescue of the injured students, key among them staff members, members of the public, Red Cross, Kenya Police among others.

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) noted that the blast incident came at a time when students were extremely tired after the rigorous SONU campaigns, elections, counting of votes and swearing in ceremony and hence Sunday was a time to relax and the unfortunate blast happened. Following recent insecurity incidences in Garrisa, Prof. Mbeche noted that it was normal for students to react, as they reacted.

Those who spoke during the prayer meeting include the Deputy Vice-Chancellors : Prof. Lucy Irungu, Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Research, Production and Extension), Prof. Isaac Mbeche, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs), Prof. Henry Mutoro, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, (Academic Affairs).

The inter-denominations prayer meeting brought together several faiths like Islam, Catholic, Christian Union and Seventh Day Adventist.  

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