SONU Executive Leaders Sensitised.
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Mon, 2015-04-27 09:51

SONU Executive Leaders Sensitized

The University of Nairobi Management organized a one day sensitization workshop for the newly elected SONU Executive leaders at the Kenya Commercial Bank Leadership Center Karen, on April, 24, 2015.

Led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs, Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the leaders were sensitized on the importance of embracing dialogue in their quest to get services from the University Administration. The student leaders were also reminded of the importance of being selfless leaders. “As a leader, you don’t serve yourself but you serve the students and the university. Everyone is looking upon this university. Let’s work to improve the university’s image and the brand. Let us work as a team,” urged Prof. Mbeche.

The student leaders were also briefed on the security measures that the university administration is working on at the halls of residence. They were urged to be at the forefront to support the initiative. Student mentorship is key and in this regard, the University management urged the student leaders to help the university’s agenda of producing holistic graduates and help tame the vice of alcoholism, drug abuse and cheating in exams.

Father Dr. Domnic Wamugunda, the Dean of Students, reminded the incoming SONU Executive that leadership is about passion. He reminded the student leaders that SONU is a good training ground for national leadership and they should take the opportunity to become better leaders who will leave a legacy.

Mr. Peter Busienei, Deputy Finance Officer – General, noted that SONU money is part of public funds and hence must follow the government regulations, procurement regulations and audit by the Auditor General. For smooth operations, the operational budgets must be done monthly and submitted for approvals.  

Mr. Joseph Mokaya, the Procurement Manager, reminded the student leaders of the 30% worth of tenders to be given to the special group of youth, women and disabled persons in business. He also alerted the SONU leaders of the need to have a procurement plan. “Buying things outside the procurement plan is bound to land you in trouble with the law”, he said.

The SONU Executive Leadership sensitization program is an annual event, which imparts student leaders with knowledge of the operations of the university’s key departments. It is also an opportunity for the student leaders to have a one on one engagement with the University management. 

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