University hosts Ambassador of France to Kenya, H.E. Remi Marechaux for a public lecture
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Mon, 2015-09-28 07:36

France Ambassador to Kenya

The Ambassador made a presentation entitled “Kenya and France: Two Strategic Partners for the Future.”

Amb. Marechaux gave a detailed presentation on the relationship between Kenya and France noting that the two countries share common interests.  He divided that French government’s interests in Kenya into three categories- security, economic growth and management of global challenges. On matters security, the Ambassador said that a state insecurity upsets many sectors on a growing economy. He revealed that France is at the forefront in trying to restore peace and security in countries such as Somalia and South Sudan.

On economic growth, the Ambassador said that France has given Kenya loans, through the France Development Agency to the microfinance institutions that are then supposed to lend the funds and multiply resources. The two governments have also entered into agreements that have seen France fund infrastructural development in Kenya.  The Ambassador revealed that France is working with parastatals and the private sector especially on resource management. On management of global challenges, Amb. Marechaux highlighted the effects of climate change.

He encouraged students to apply for the scholarships and take advantage of the exchange programmes available. As he concluded the lecture, the Ambassador tickled the audience when he gave a brief summary of his presentation in Swahili.

During the event, Sciences Po made a presentation on its exchange programme for students pursuing the social sciences.


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