Youth Challenged to participate in the development of cities.
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Mon, 2016-02-08 16:10


youth challenged to participate in the development of cities

The Kenyan youth have been challenged to rise up and play a leading role in the development of smart cities. National Urban youth forum is underway at the University of Nairobi from February, 8-9, 2016.

Speaking during the forum, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, reminded the audience of the University’s latest web ranking where the University was ranked number six in the region and among the top 3% worldwide confirming that the University in deed offers quality education. He noted that the forum brings together youths from the 47 counties and will enable them to share their experiences and help shape post 2015 development agenda.

“The high rate of urbanization comes with challenges such as increased urban poverty, food insecurity and slum incidences.  Such challenges affect the youth,“ he said.

He noted that the forum will help the youth add their voice to the urban planning and governance. The youth are the society’s human resource potential to drive change.  “Government must seek youth engagement to build better cities,” he said.

Mr. Doug Ragan, Head of U.N Habitat Youth Unit, noted that the youth is full of talent, knowledge, passion that should be tapped to help in building smart cities – cities without pollution, crime, cities with efficient transport system among others, clean and friendly to the environment.  Mr. Doug added that the youth are dynamic and they make things happen.

The resolutions from this youth forum in Kenya will be incorporated during Habitat 3, to be held in Ecuador, later in the year. All these will help in planning and development of smart cities.

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