University Staff Sensitized on Corruption Prevention, Ethics and Integrity.
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Fri, 2016-03-04 16:50

Corruption Sensitization of University of Nairobi Staff

The University of Nairobi staff from Students Welfare Authority, SWA, have been sensitized on corruption prevention, ethics and integrity. The sensitization workshop was held at the Central Catering Unit, today March 4, 2015.

Speaking during the sensitization process, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi  urged the staff to render services to students without fear or favour noting that corrupt practises can impair the growth of the University.

"We must do something about corruption to produce high quality and holistic graduates," said the Vice-Chancellor.  Staff members were urged to avoid the bad habits that diminish the University of Nairobi brand image. Prof. Mbithi urged the staff members to take good care of records, as good record keeping helps in quick decision making.

Dr. Grace Kiringa, Assistant Registrar, Legal Office noted that the economic effects of corruption are bad for any learning institution. Such effects include; stalled projects, exorbitant prices for goods and services, unfair allocation of resources and finally corruption increases the cost of doing business. The benefits of corruption as highlighted by Grace include better service provision, quality of education, improved security and poverty reduction.

Mr. Fred Omondi, Senior Legal Officer, from the Legal Office noted that there are many policies and legal framework in the fight and eradication against corruption.  Such policies include; University of Nairobi Charter, University of Nairobi Code of Conduct and Ethics, Code of Conduct for Public Universities, Leadership and Integrity code for State Officers, Mwongozo code of conduct, professional code of conduct among others.

The Procurement Manager, Mr. Joseph Mokaya took the opportunity to sensitize the staff members of the new procurement law that came into effect on January, 7, 2016. The law forbids buying items that are neither budget for, nor in the procurement plan.

Also present during the sensitization workshop were  Dr. Dismas Bulinda, Registrar Administration and Mr. Lugwe, Director SWA.

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