University Internal Auditors Staff trained on Report Writing.
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Fri, 2016-04-22 09:39

University of Nairobi Internal Audit Sensitization Workshop

University of Nairobi staff from the department of Internal Audit has been trained on the best way to write their reports after carrying out risk assessment.

Speaking during the opening of the two days sensitization workshop, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi   urged the auditors to be loyal the University of Nairobi brand as they work with passion and commitment to eliminate financial risks and fraud.

The Vice-Chancellor urged the Auditors to put into practise what they have learnt from the workshop to help them in writing good audit reports that will enable the management in taking corrective measures.  He further urged them to be savvy with ICT skills to enable them mitigate electronic fraud. Prof. Mbithi pledged to support the Internal Audit staff as they work to achieve their mandate.

Leading the training session, Jones Kimeu, CPA, from the Institute of Internal Auditors noted that the auditors need to be keen in exposing high risk areas like procurement and finance sections to help the University in managing their brand.

While guiding the report writing format, the lead trainer noted that auditors need a risk register, which lists risks, revenue loss and helps the institution in managing the reputation.

The work of Auditors is key in assuring University stakeholders that all is well. University has several stakeholders. Key among them being; students, suppliers, donors, government agencies, regulatory authorities, donors and the alumni among others.

Chief Internal Auditor, Mr. Patrick Agutu, noted that it is the role of internal auditors to hold the top leadership accountable.  He also noted that auditors need to remain professional, consider facts,  before they become whistle blowers.

The Internal Auditors were also cautioned on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse which can be harmful to the performance.  Dr. Catherine Amulundu, noted that drugs has medical effects which include liver damage, memory loss and early aging among other side effects.

Mr. Joram Nduati, head of ICT security urged auditors to be cautious always to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity of their records is not tampered with my malicious users.  

In order to remain a world class university, the University of Nairobi is continuously training and empowering staff to enable them achieve their mandate.  



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