University Students Mentored on Work Ethics
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Tue, 2016-07-05 18:30

Students mentored on work ethics

University of Nairobi students have been mentored on work ethics by investment giant: Cytonn Investments.  

A team from Cytonn Investments led by several University of Nairobi Alumni have guided students on various values that are required of them to fit into organizations and be good employees. Key among them being; accountability, excellence in everything you touch, being create and innovative, being a team player and lastly doing everything with integrity.

 Cytonn Investment staff urged students to join Cytonn Young Leaders Program, CYLP, a three months induction program where the fresh graduates are trained, mentored and placed in various departments from where they can grow.  The website is:

Students were also encouraged to pursue professional certifications to add to their degree certificates to enhance their marketability.

Cytonn Investment is primarily focused on offering alternative investment solutions to institutional investors, individual high net-worth investors and diaspora investors. Among the sectors they invest in include: real estate, financial services, education and renewable energy.

According to Cytonn, the secret behind their meteoric success is investing and growing employees. Among the incentives employees get include training opportunities and company share ownership.

Students as well were encouraged to get the much needed experience by volunteering their services during the school holidays. This according to the experienced employees goes a long way in making a huge difference.

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