Transforming Africa, the new journal on Nairobi Innovations Week
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Tue, 2016-08-02 19:49

Transform Africa Journal Launched

The University of Nairobi has published a journal, Transforming Africa, the new publication that featured paper presentations made during Nairobi Innovations Week.

Speaking during the launch of the new journal, Prof. Timothy Waema, from the School of Computing, assured researchers that the journal will be improved to match international standards.  He called upon the researchers to join the team of academic reviewers.

Earlier on several researchers made presentations of their key research findings.  Among the key researchers was Dr. Ruth Kahiga, who observed that children need more time to exercise by doing physical education, P. E. She noted that physical education help children develop socially, physically, and emotionally.  Failure to engage in physical education could lead to lifestyle diseases.  Her advice to teachers was that they should ease the pressure of excelling in exams and allow children to engage in physical activities.

On her part, Dr. Anne Assey, noted that video games can help children in learning subjects like chemistry, physics and mathematics among others. Games also play a key role in helping children develop confidence, as they engage in playing various characters.

Selina Ochukut, from the School of Computing and Informatics noted that the demand for education has increased and hence universities should embrace Open Education Resources, OER and more so Open Access.

On his part, Dr. Tony Omwansa, the Local Organizing Committee Chair, Nairobi Innovation Week, noted that going forward, the Innovation Week will be a global event and world class.

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