Researchers urged to commercialize research output.
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Tue, 2016-08-02 20:46

Commercialization of Research and Innovations

University of Nairobi Researchers and Scientists have been urged to commercialize their research outputs.

Speaking during the sensitization workshop on ‘Commercialization of research and innovations’,  Prof. Evans Baiya, noted that researchers need the right tools to commercialize their research output because opportunities are real.  He was speaking at the Nairobi Innovation Week event held at Nairobi Safari Club on Tuesday, August, 2, 2016.

In their research endeavours, scientists were urged to work closely with the journalists to help them create awareness of their research activities. 

According to Prof. Baiya, it is critical for researchers to embrace teamwork and trust among each other to help them commercialize quickly.

Scientists were urged to reduce risks in the projects as much as possible to get funding. The main reason ideas don’t get funded is because they are seen as risky and hence the need to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Prof. Baiya noted that there are several ways of getting funding for projects. Key among them include; grants, venture capital, kick-starters, crowd funding and debt funding.

Going forward, it was agreed that researchers should maintain close contact with the technology transfer office, researchers should be trained to innovate, universities should collaborate on research projects, students and faculty should take innovations course, a database of ongoing university innovations should be made. 

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