Universities challenged to adopt technology in teaching.
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Wed, 2016-08-03 18:41

 Universities urged to embrace technology in the teaching

Universities the world over have been faced with several challenges and they have been urged to adapt technology or become obsolete.

This was the general observation when a panel on ‘Universities of the Future’ held a round table discussion on how best universities should adapt in the years to come.

According to United States International University, USIU, Vice-Chancellor, Prof.  Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, universities have challenges like diminishing funding from government capitation and hence have to seek alternative funding. Other challenges universities face include: industrialization, global rankings, competition for students and resources, increase in accrediting bodies, increase in student numbers among others.

On his part, Mr. Bruno Haubertin, noted that the current university students are global citizens and hence universities will need to put in place personalised learning, social marketing of their institutions to build reputation. He proposed the use of technology to solve some of these challenges like adopting Identity management, student management system and learning based management.

It was also observed that many students are learning from YouTube and hence faculty staff was encouraged to be stay abreast with social media and embrace it in their modes of teaching. It was also suggested that Universities need to embrace e-learning to deal with increasing student numbers.

Among those in attendance included: staff and faculty members from various universities in Kenya and across Africa.   

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