Enhancing Resilience against Climate Change Discussions at TICAD – Side Event.
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Fri, 2016-08-26 18:49

Climate Change Discussions at TICAD 6

In one of the TICAD conference side-events, experts on climate change gathered at the University of Nairobi and held discussions on ways of enhancing resilience against climate change. The side event was moderated by Prof. David Mungai, Deputy Director, Wangari Maathai Institute on Thursday, 25, August, 2016.

It was observed that the fight against climate change would require concerted efforts from researchers, non-researchers, institutions and governments. The use of technology to deal with the negative aspects of climate change was encouraged as well.

One of the ways of dealing with climate change that was suggested is developing integrated models that are applicable to African countries, being the most affected by climate change.

In an effort to develop more resilient  ecosystems, Social-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes – SEPLS,  that can support agriculture, forestry and fisheries and support local communities by providing food, fuel, and other materials  it was suggested that training of the young generations would be key.

In countries like Ghana, technology has been employed and Geographic Information System, GIS resources centres established and a total of 33 young researchers trained.  Among the interventions done by the researchers in the communities they work with include; provision of water to the communities, provision of solar panels.

Climate change have severe effects like : reduction in rainfall, food insecurity, soil erosion, risk of negative health among others. The potential of forests in enhancing resilience to climate change was not left behind either. Buy planting trees and protecting forests, the negative effects of climate change can be reduced.

After the presentations, the experts interacted with the University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi at the Vice-Chancellors, Parlour. 

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