Universities challenged to provide ‘Safer Campuses’ to Students.
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Wed, 2016-10-12 11:15

Sexual Gender Based Violence

Universities in the country have been challenged to provide safer campuses to students to enable them pursue their academic endeavours without worrying about security issues. The five days symposium is held at the Central Catering Unit and it runs from September 10-15, 2016 .  

Speaking during the ongoing gender based violence symposium at the University of Nairobi, Prof. Bernard Aduda, Principal, College of Biological and Physical Sciences noted that the University of Nairobi have made significant steps to provide safer campus to students and have firmly dealt with cases involving sexual violence that had been directed towards women.

Among the measures taken by the University Administration to provide safer campuses include: lighting the campus, security, providing clean and conducive environment for teaching and learning, provision of counselling services to victims of sexual violence and provision of health professionals.

The five days conference brought together various groups among them; Ministry of Health, various non-governmental organizations dealing with gender issues and University of Nairobi female student group, Women Students' Welfare Association (WOSWA) among others.

Going forward, action plans and gender violence policy will be developed for institutions of higher learning.

Several speakers reiterated the need to provide confidentiality to victims of gender based violence, to deal with offenders,  have adequate counsellors to handle the victims, have health professionals to handle rape victims, have proper structures within Universities to hand gender based violence cases and the need to have proper awareness campaigns to new students on gender based violence.

Forms of gender based violence that were identified include: rape, sexual harassment and online sexual violence. 

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