Engineering Board of Kenya to accredit Biosystems Engineering Course.
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Thu, 2016-12-15 08:14

Engineering Board of Kenya to accredit Biosystems Engineering Course.

The Engineering Board of Kenya is currently inspecting the facilities and  teaching resources and infrastructure at the Department of Environment and Bio-systems Engineering,  School of Engineering, University of Nairobi.

The inspection of the facilities follows the curriculum review of the Bsc.  Bio-Systems Engineering program by the school, which needs to go through the accreditation process.

Speaking during the accreditation exercise, Prof. Henry Mutoro, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, who represented the Vice-Chancellor welcomed the accreditation exercise by the Engineering Board of Kenya. 

Prof. Peter Ngau, the Principal, College of Architecture and Engineering, noted that the college is committed to training professionals and that the college has in the recent past gone through the accreditation process of the architectural course.

The accreditation process ensures that discipline and professionalism are adhered to. In the recent past, several buildings have collapsed and the engineering board have been on the receiving end.  It was noted that during the construction process, Engineers need to look into safety in designing building structures and roads.  

Also discussed during the meeting are the several thematic areas that will be reviewed during the accreditation process. The teaching and learning facilities like the University of Nairobi Towers that will be used by the Engineering students will be inspected too. The engineering labs will be inspected as well and finally a report on the accreditation process will be shared with the University management.

The college was challenged to admit more students to study Agricultural Engineering, which has since been renamed to Bio-Systems Engineering. More students studying the course will help to adequately deal with the challenges of food production and food scarcity in the country.

Also present during the exercise was Prof. Jackson Mbuthia, Dean, School of Engineering and former University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francis Gichaga, who was part of the Engineering Board.

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