SONU Leader secures post in continental body.
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Thu, 2017-01-05 09:00

SONU Leader secures post in continental body.

The University of Nairobi has the pleasure to announce that Miss Angel Mbuthia, the Deputy President of the Students Organization of Nairobi University, SONU, has been elected as the Gender and International Relations Secretary of the All Africa Students Union (AASU). This feat was accomplished at the just ended 12th Elective Congress of the union held in Khartoum, Sudan on December 22, 2016.

Miss Mbuthia therefore has the honour to serve at the highest office of students’ governance on the African continent.

AASU is the Pan-African students organization formed to galvanize the young people particularly students into all the efforts geared towards development of the African Continent. Since its inception in 1972, AASU now has presence in all 55 countries in Africa, and has played among others, an important role in the struggle against colonialism and apartheid. Today, AASU is at the forefront of the fights for equal access to quality education, quality assurance in higher education, democratic governance, respect of human rights and gender, promotion of African culture, sustainable development, etc.

As per the requirements of her office for the four year tenure, Miss. Angel Mbuthia will be stationed in Ghana, where the headquarters of the Union is located. She will be provided the following logistics by the Government of Ghana, GoG, to facilitate her work; accommodation, a diplomatic car, monthly compensation and other material and moral support as captured in the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, signed between AASU and the Government of Ghana in 1987.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi on behalf of management and Senate has sent warm congratulations to Angel Mbuthia for this achievement. We wish her the best in her current and future endevours. 

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