Council Signs Performance Contract with UMB Members.
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Mon, 2017-02-27 11:03

Performance Contract Signing...

The University of Nairobi Council led by the Chairperson, Mrs. Pascalia C. C Koske has today signed performance contract with University Management Board Members composed of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the College Principals.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Ms. Koske noted that the performance contract has been negotiated in a manner that resonates with the public expectations, demonstrate progressive achievement of Medium Term II targets, benchmarks with international best practices and is fully aligned to the University budget.

The Council witnessed the signing of performance contract between the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and College Principals. Mrs. Koske noted that the University is in the process of cascading the performance contract to the various levels. She urged all responsible for the implementation of the performance contract at different levels to carry out their duties with due diligence and commitment so that the University maintains its excellence performance as it has been in the past.

On his part, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi noted that the Units had matured over time in managing the performance contract process to a point where it is now institutionalized. The VC observed that the Government has put emphasis on indicators picked from the Medium Term Plan II (MTP II) of Kenya’s Vision 2030 while also focusing more on outcomes not processes.

For the Universities, greater attention has been focused on performance indicators geared towards delivering Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) sector.

The financial year 2016/2017 performance contract also puts emphasis on allocation of 30% of all procurement budget dedicated to the youth, women and people with disabilities ( AGPO) and 40% of all procurement budget dedicated to locally produced goods and services. 

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