Geography students volunteer at AIC Children’s home.
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Tue, 2017-05-02 11:33
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AIC Childrens' Home, Kajiado

Geography students volunteer at AIC Childrens home, Kajiado

University of Nairobi, Geography students visited Africa Inland Church, AIC, Childrens’ home as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR activity on Labour Day, May 1, 2017.

The students among other things planted trees at the childrens’ home and did general cleaning, which involved washing of the utensils, beddings and environmental cleanup. Students as well, played with the children giving them the much needed morale support.

AIC Children’s home is home to approximately, 75 children. Most children are suffering from cerebral palsy and broken limbs.

According to the centre coordinator, Mr. Moses Onyango Nyaoro, the centre has been able to help many young children recover from cerebral palsy through physiotherapy.  “Up to 40% can go through the physiotherapy exercises and recover fully”, he said. He noted that cerebral palsy affects the backbone and hence most of the patients can’t sit properly, their necks are too weak to support the head and some can’t think. 

The center has a primary school section where the children who have recovered are given basic education. Upon completing their primary education, they are assisted to get secondary schools. Some students have performed well and have joined various universities in the country and graduated with honors degrees.

Geography students were accompanied by Peace Ambassadors Kenya and Miss Greater Nairobi, Ms Sation Parmuat during the visitation exercise. Peace Ambassadors Kenya is an initiative by young people to promote peace and develop young people through mentorship programs. Started in 2012, the program is currently in 36 universities and has over 5000 members.

AIC Children’s home was started by two missionaries in 1979; Georgina Ohms from Scotland and Nancy Macroy from South Africa.  The center was started with an aim of providing food aid to abandoned children suffering from polio and has since incorporated abandoned children suffering from broken limbs and other ailments.

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