Penn State University and UoN collaboration to solve SGD Goals.
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Thu, 2017-05-18 16:39

Penn State University and UoN Collaboration

American leading university, Penn State University and the University of Nairobi will be working together to solve three SGD goals and address the issues surrounding water, energy and environmental degradation.

The two institutions of higher learning will leverage on their strengths to ensure that the partnerships bear fruit as they solve global problems of food, water and environment dubbed ‘the Nexus’ through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Speaking during the launch of the partnership, Prof. Judy Wakhungu, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment enumerated the various efforts being carried out by the government to address the challenges. “Individuals, businesses and governments need to work together since at the heart of Nexus is understanding of interdependencies“, she said.

The government of Kenya has implemented various measures to solve the challenges facing water, food and environment. Key among them are; policy on water to control irrigation, encouraging the use of solar and renewable energy such as wind, geothermal and solar, national forest policy to grow and sustain a tree cover of 10%,  use of biofuels and biomass to supplement energy usage among others.

With the population of Kenya growing rapidly and currently stands at approximately 45 million people, competition for natural resources will put a strain on water , food and the environmental resources.  “There is hence a need for conflict resolution mechanism and design of good Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR programs to resolve conflicts as communities fight for the scarce resources and to ensure good water utilization,” added Prof. Wakhungu.

University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi on his part pledged to support Nexus partnership that will focus on; joint research, capacity development, and community engagement. He observed that no one university has the resources to solve the global challenges of climate change, water and environmental degradation and thus the need for collaboration. Prof. Mbithi was represented by Prof. Madara Ogot, Director of Research at the University of Nairobi.

Present also was Prof. Michael Adewumi, Vice-Provost Penn State University and Prof. Esther Obonyo, Prof. of Engineering, Design and Architectural Engineering, Penn State University.


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