Student Leaders sensitized on Peace and security.
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Fri, 2017-05-26 10:17

Student leaders sensitized on security and peace

Student leaders from private and public universities have undergone a 2 days sensitization program on peace and security. The leaders as champions of peace have been sensitized to preach peace during the forth-coming general elections. The 2 days sensitization began on May 24-25, 2017 at the Council Chamber, Main Campus.

Speaking during the event, the University of Nairobi, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, urged students to lead from the front and observe Chapter Six of the constitution of Kenya on leadership and integrity. “Conflicts, animosity, violence would be minimized if we cultivate a culture of peace and security among our student population”, he said. 

Prof. Mbithi added that the mandate of a University is to develop creative and critical thinkers through teaching, learning and research. The Vice-Chancellor revealed that together with the Ministry of Education, universities in the country will start projects on peace and security.  He also urged student leaders to visit schools to sensitize communities on peace and security.

In the recent past, universities have been facing challenges of radicalization of the youth, violence, terrorism and cybercrime. Prof. Mbithi urged student leaders, who are critical thinkers and energetic members of the society to counter such challenges with knowledge, technology and determination.

Following the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), universities are required to play a leading role in the implementation of the same. In that regard, Universities are required to find lasting solutions to peace and security, being goal 16 of the SDGs.

Ambassador Dr. Michael Kimani, one of the keynote speakers, challenged students to disregard lies that are propagated by terrorists. Terrorists, he said, lie to poor people; they exploit contradictions that are normal in societies; they regard murder and suicide as a path to human freedom; they offer glory and meaning to their followers. Such people must be defeated.

Going forward, student leaders were mandated to sensitize fellow students to avoid such groups, avoid partisan political activities, avoid destructive political discourse and avoid alcohol and drug abuse.

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