Skills Hunt Expo: Your Brand will take you places!
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Thu, 2017-11-23 09:10

Skills hunt summit

The University of Nairobi together with Accelevate Limited has organized a three days Skills Hunt Expo where students interact with top corporate executives and learn work skills. The event is from November, 22-24, 2017 and being held at the University of Nairobi Towers.

Speaking during the event, Safaricom Limited Human Resource Director, Mr. Paul Kasumi, noted that students need to work hard and gain the skills. As students graduate and join the work force, human resource directors value those who can play multidisciplinary roles. He urged students to embrace digital fluency. “Those who can get insights from data will have an added advantage,” he said.

Ms. Josephine Mibthi, Human Resource Director, World Bank, urged students to believe in themselves. “The fact that you are here is a testament to the fact that you are very intelligent. I was here too as a student and I have made it. You will make it too, “she said. Mrs. Mbithi stressed the importance of having a good structured resume that is short and to the point as Human Resource persons spend approximately 20 seconds to scan through the curriculum vitae of job seekers. In her concluding remarks, she urged students to develop their brand and to stand out. The brand will eventually take them places and make them stand above the rest.

Kenya’s leading female music artist, Ms. Wahu Kagwi, who is also the University of Nairobi Brand Ambassador, told students to nurture their skills and be patient as ‘money will gradually come. I was young as you are and I wanted to get rich quickly, but you know what, money eventually follows passion. Passion for the music has enabled me to succeed despite my first music single being a failure’, she said.

Prof. Lucy Irungu, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension, thanked  corporate organizations and industry players for taking their time to impart work skills and play mentorship roles to the students. She revealed that University of Nairobi graduates employability has been ranked at position 300 globally and by having such mentorship sessions, the employability of UoN graduates can only improve for the better. “University of Nairobi aims at producing holistic graduates. Together with partners like Accelevate, we are able to prepare graduates through skills development. We need more partners to help retool students and help them develop professional skills for the market place,” she said.

University of Nairobi values partnership with the industry players as they help bridge the skills gap between employment and training.  Such mentorship sessions help students to gain both soft skills and entrepreneurial skills.

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