Skills Hunt Summit: Entrepreneurs Learn skills from industry experts.
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Fri, 2017-11-24 09:24
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University of Nairobi Towers

 Skills Hunt Expo

University of Nairobi students’ entrepreneurs and business start-ups had a mentorship session on entrepreneurship with industry experts key among them Pius Muchiri, Managing Director, Nabo Capital, a subsidiary of Centum Investments Limited. The mentorship session was held on November 23, 2017 at the UoN Towers.

Speaking during the event, Pius Muchiri, outlined several factors that lead to the success or failure of businesses.  Top of the list was A-Game Partners. According to Mr. Muchiri, once a business founder gets partners with specialized skills, he is able to go places, as compared to those with partners who have general knowledge. “If you are in school business, you need an education expert. If you are in photography business, you need an experienced photographer. Having a partner with general skills is detriment to your success,“ he said.

Mr. Muchiri  mentioned other factors that are key to the success of any business start-up. For example; having great products for the business must produce profits. The business must have a great potential, the products must have great packaging and they must have a good price. Lastly, good timing is key to the success of a business. There are businesses which fail because they are either ahead of their time or they have been passed over by time and technology. 

Despite the challenges of business and start-ups, Mr. Muchiri urged upcoming entrepreneurs to be persistent as nothing comes easy in life. He encouraged students who seek to be multimillionaires in the future to embrace technology. “In the last 100 years, if you wanted to be wealthy, you had to invest in real estate. In the next 100 years, those who will be wealthy are those in the tech space”, he said.  True to his word, the top billionaires worldwide consists of the like of Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of, Mark Zuckerberg of, Jack Ma of  and the late Steve Jobs of Apple, among other tech entrepreneurs.  Those in the tech space and especially those who have embraced innovation have been able to mint billions in the process.

The Skills Hunt Expo 2017, an initiative of the University of Nairobi and , Accelevate Leads Limited seeks to empower students with work skills to enable them to bridge the gap between university training and industry expectations.  Several industry players like Safaricom, Britam, Centum, SAP, World Bank, have been very helpful in mentoring students and equipping them with soft skills.  

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