EU Ambassador to Kenya urge students to pursue their dreams.
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Mon, 2017-12-18 13:34

EU Ambassador to KE address UoN Students

European Union Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Stefano A. Dejak has urged students to pursue their dreams and exploit their full potential.

Speaking during the sensitization program of Erasmus+ Mundus Scholarship program at the University of Nairobi, Ambassador Stefano A. Dejak stressed the importance of being humble and embracing perseverance as one of the qualities needed for success.

Ambassador Stephano, encouraged Kenya students to pursue the Erasmus Scholarship. “You are free and you have a working democracy. Kenya is the only peaceful country in the continent and you have a lot of opportunities that many of your colleagues across the region lack,” he said. The Ambassador especially encouraged female students to take advantage of the opportunity. He noted that when women are educated and given power to lead, the society benefits greatly.

Erasmus scholarship program has been ongoing for 30 years now and has helped many students gain admission to European universities. Several University of Nairobi Erasmus alumni were also present to give their experiences of studying in Europe. Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sports for the period 2014-2020. It offers a number of opportunities for higher education students, doctoral candidates, staff and higher education institutions (HEIs) from around the world.

Originally, the scholarship program was designed to give European University students an opportunity to study in various universities across the continent to help them in developing a global citizen. Students who qualified for the scholarship award studied in two to three universities before their graduation and they had an opportunity to travel and network immensely. The scholarship program has since been opened beyond the European Union and now accepts applicants across the globe.

 Prof. Edwin Nyutho, from School of Journalism and an Alumni of the Erasmus Scholarship program, noted that the program constitutes of 28 European countries and helps students pursue various degrees.  They facilitate various exchange programs. The program encourages mobility, cooperation between European universities and others universities across the globe.  The encourages research collaboration and exchange programs for students and faculty. The scholarship opportunity aims at creating global citizens.

One of the Alumni of the Erasmus+ program, who currently works with World Food Program, observed that getting international exposure worked well to her favour as she has been very marketable upon completion of the program and returning to Kenya.

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