Australian Senator Lucy Gichuhi urge Kenyans to ‘Disagree Agreeably’
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Thu, 2018-01-18 16:15
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Chandaria Auditorium

Australian Senator Lucy Gichuhi

Kenyan-born Australian Senator, Lucy Gichuhi has urged Kenyans to embrace their diversity, their cultures, tribes and differences to disagree agreeably.

Senator Lucy Gichuhi delivered a public lecture at the Chandaria Auditorium today, January, 1, 2018.. The lecture was titled “Disagree Agreeably”.

Speaking during a public lecture that was organized by the University of Nairobi Alumni Association, Kenyan born Australia Senator, Lucy Gichuhi said that there are lots of things that Kenya can learn from Australia that celebrated its independence some 120 years ago. “Kenyans can learn to embrace all cultures irrespective of colour, tribe and race. Human beings are interdependent on each other. We can achieve more with our 42 tribes, “she said.

Senator Lucy, the eldest of 10 siblings, was born in Nyeri and went to school in Lwak Girls, Bondo, Siaya County where she learnt to embrace various cultures from a young age. She as well learnt to disagree agreeably with her siblings.  She attributes her success and current position to her early days. “Australia has over 200+ languages. We embrace various cultures in Australia and Kenyans can borrow a leaf, “she said.

In her journey of life, Lucy has learnt some lessons which she shared freely with the audience. Some of these lessons include; don’t be hard on yourself, seek first to understand the other person, be able to communicate better, each Kenyan has a role to play towards development of the country, home grown problems are solved by home grown solutions, say no to what is wrong and learn to forgive and forget.  Having witnessed the tribal classes in 1992 and 1997, post-election violence in 2008, Senator Lucy observed that forgiveness would be key in achieving peace and development in Kenya. 

University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi congratulated Senator Lucy Gichuhi, for having been elected in faraway country of Australia. Prof. Mbithi said that the University continues to cherish the values of hardwork that is well elaborated in our motto “Unitate et Labore” loosely translated as hard work. Prof. Mbithi as well urged the Senator to help strengthen the collaboration between the University of Nairobi and Australian Universities.

The event was attended by the University Senate, Management, staff, students and members of the general public. University of Nairobi is proud of Senator Lucy Gichuhi who is an alumnus of the School of Business.  

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