Enrich Your Graduate Learning Experience says Prof. Kiama

University of Nairobi graduate students have been urged to ensure that they enrich their curriculum vitae while studying at the University by learning other skills beside knowledge.

Enrich Your Graduate Learning Experience says Prof. Kiama

 This was the rallying call by the University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama, on February 5, 2020 during the orientation program for graduate students. “Learn speaking skills that will be key during poster presentations, reading skills that will help you understand lots of literature regarding your research area, learn networking skills and improve your social linkages,” he said.

In the recent past, with the coming of Nairobi Innovation Week, the University of Nairobi annual innovation flagship event, the University has positioned the innovation culture and is inviting the new graduate students to plug in as innovators who will do research in different levels. Innovations can be in form of products or processes.

The Vice Chancellor, pointed out the various reforms that he is planning to undertake in the University. Some of these reforms include data management, which will ensure that exam results are released promptly and cases of missing marks dealt with. Financial reforms to ensure that money is allocated to achieve the key objectives of the university which is teaching, learning and research. Governance reforms will ensure that human resources is well utilized. 

Graduate students were told not to conform to university old practices that are not beneficial to their learning. “When you go to class and there is no lecturer, please register your complain. Demand to be taught. Engage professors, challenge the professors. We are training scholars of tomorrow, don’t agree to be conformed or intimated. If you can’t argue your case or defend it, then nobody will listen to you,” said the Vice Chancellor.

To complete their studies in time, new graduate students were urged to observe time management and embrace teamwork. “Don’t struggle alone, please seek help when you are stuck. Your patience will be tested. Your resilience and humility will be tested as your proposals and thesis get back and forth and numerous corrections from your professors,” said Prof. Kiama.

Earlier on graduate students were addressed by various Heads of Departments from Security and Safety, Library and Information Services, ICT, Sports, Dean of Students and Students Welfare Authority.