UoN VC, Prof. Kiama Address University Community

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama addressed the University community via a video link, saying that the University remains committed to continued teaching, learning, research and community service.

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama


In his 30 minutes address, he pointed out that the University is guided by its core values; innovativeness, care and commitment.  He pointed out that the University staff, researchers, doctors and post-graduate medical students have shown great commitment in the fight against covid-19.

Quoting his mentor, the late Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, Prof. Kiama urged staff and students to do their part in the fight against the epidemic.

The good work being done by the University staff has been recognized not just locally, but also internationally. This came with the appointment of three senior members of the teaching staff to the African Union. “Today, I am also happy to announce that the African Union in recognition of our good work has appointed Prof Ratemo Michieka, Prof. Francis Mulaa and Prof. Dimbson Wallace Bulimo to the African Union Advisory Board on Science, Technology and Innovation for covid-19 intervention”, said the Vice Chancellor.

The Vice Chancellor pointed several milestones that has been achieved since the University was closed some three weeks ago. Through the ICT Centre, 92% of the university staff have been trained on online teaching and learning tools. He pointed out that the University has also embarked on the process of training all students on how to use the online tools. Prof. Kiama pointed out that students will be facilitated with data bundles to ensure smooth online learning process.   

To ensure smooth transition to online learning, the university has partnered with Cisco, KENET and Google which offers various applications for the virtual classroom.

While away, staff and students will access university through online means.  “Students and academic staff will be able to access the University Learning Management systems and other identified e-learning resources such as the online electronic library and attend to classes through the University Learning Management systems,” he said.   

Faculties that have been at the forefront in dispensing nuggets of wisdom through the online mode were praised for the job well done. “It is indeed very gratifying to note that several faculties have already commenced their classes but I call upon those who have not started their classes, to do so at the very latest by 20th April 2020”, he said.

The Vice Chancellor took the opportunity to wish all staff and students Happy Easter Holidays.