Vice Chancellor’s Handshake with Staff Union

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Mbeche and the University of Nairobi Academic Staff Union (UASU) held a consultative meeting where they agreed to work together despite the challenges facing the University to boost staff and students morale. The meeting took place on July 16, 2019.

Vice Chancellor’s Handshake with Staff Union


“I have paid out DSP. I have paid out money for teaching practice. I have paid out insurance dues. I have paid out KRA, CHUNA. I have worked for one week and this is my second week and as you can see, I have been trying to clear out backlog for 3 years. We are changing things. I am looking at what can be fixed. When it has been fixed, you shall see the results, “he said.  Prof. Mbeche asked the Staff Union to be patient with him as he is working on resolving the financial issues. He asked them to urge the academic staff members to work very hard to lift the standards of the University.

Speaking on behalf of the Union, Chairman Dr. Richard Bosire congratulated Prof. Mbeche for his deserved rise to the top. “I am grateful that you have started on the right track. Please listen to us, as we listen to you. The staff morale has picked up. We shall go back with the message that action is being taken. Many issues that looked impossible will be sorted out,” he said. Chairman Dr. Richard Bosire pointed out that as staff members they believe in University values; freedom of thought and expression and will continuously engage the University management.  

UASU staff members observed that the University is turning towards the right direction. “Your success is our success. We can foresee good things in the future. Let us put our foot forward and deliver,” they said. The Vice Chancellor was requested to chip in to help staff members deal with the healthcare challenges facing staff.  

UASU officials led by Mr. George Omondi together with officials of the School of Business Welfare Association (SOBWA) led by Mr. Abdulatif Essajee  congratulated Prof. Mbeche for his appointment and pledged to continue supporting his administration.  They gave feedback that payments (DSP, KRA, CHUNA, Bank loans) have incrementally raised staff morale in the discharge of their duties. They requested the VC to make sure that all outstanding payments are made as soon as possible.

Mr. Omondi requested Prof. Mbeche to seize the moment and win back trust of the staff. He said this will encourage staff to support the new management. “When people work together, a lot can be achieved,” he said. He urged the management to take constructive criticism positively and uphold the freedom of thought as a core value of the University.