March 5, 2021



I once again take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and commitment to ensuring that our University continues to deliver on its mandate despite the challenges brought about the Covid-19.

We had a very successful year in 2020 despite the challenges and we look forward to a stronger performance in 2021. That is our resolve.

As you recall, the University reopened for on campus learning albeit for specific programs late last year. This phased reopening will continue with a lot of caution. In the face of a probable third COVID 19 infection wave, I urge you to continue being vigilant in observing the COVID 19 prevention and control measures. Let’s continue taking all necessary precautions to prevent getting infected and to protect the people that we love including our family and colleagues. I wish to thank the Chief medical officer and the team at the University health services for the health support they continue to offer to all staff and students.

Ladies and gentlemen, last year we initiated an omnibus reform package dubbed the Five Point reform agenda namely, financial reforms, curricular reforms, people reforms, data reforms and governance reforms. The reform we are undertaking continue to yield good results:

We have automated our financial systems and to re-engineered Accounts to ensure efficient cash flow management and accountability. I urge all of us to continue to be innovative in the way we carry out our business. The university financial situation remains a big challenge. I appeal to all staff and students to prudently utilize resources at their disposal and avoid wastages, duplication and pilferages.

On curricular reforms, the Senate recently approved a number of targeted reforms. We are going to archive a number of programs that are not aligned to the market needs.  I shall soon communicate all the specific actions that Senate has approved.

On people reforms- I encourage all staff and students to add value to each other because when a member of the UoN excells , we all excel.  Under the reform agenda of adding value, caring and giving hope to people , the Senate has recently through the Pardon Committee pardoned and readmitted 29  students who were formally expelled. These students have integrated well with the rest of the University community.  It is my expectation that these students will focus on completion of their studies.

As you recall, the council last year approved the operationalization of Emeritus professor position for the Professors who retire and would wish to continue offering mentorship to the staff and students. We have already received several applications. We shall be communicating dates of the interviews shortly.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Performance management has been part and parcel of the university work culture.  The University recently held a performance award ceremony in which the College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS) emerged top, Ist Runner Up was College of Architecture and Engineering(CAE), and the second runner up was College of Education and external studies(CEES).

The units that emerged the best performing units are Centre for Advanced studies in environmental Law and Policy under Dr. Collins Odote (overall Winner), Meru Regional Learning Centre under Dr. Reuben W. Kikwatha (1st runners up) and Department of Educational Programms under Dr. Anne Assey-second runner up

I applaud those who performed well. Those who did not perform well should not lose hope. They have very good opportunity to improve their scores and do well in the future.

Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year we have lined up a series of activities that are expected to enhance students experience at the University of Nairobi and to enhance their personal development and competitiveness. They include the Talent day which is slated for 15th March 2020, with a theme “University of Nairobi the home of Talents”. On this day the students will be expected to show case their talents. We have also have planned for UON  Sports Day on 19th March 2020. I shall be sharing more activities in the coming days

I appeal to all the students and staff to plan and participate in these activities to


Thank you and God Bless


PROF.S.G. Kiama, PhD