Trent University discuss collaboration with UoN

The University of Nairobi and Trent University, Canada, is considering possible collaboration. The areas of focus include addressing environmental issues, joint research, staff and student exchange programs.

Trent University discuss collaboration with UoN

Speaking during the meeting, Prof. Neil Emery, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Trent University expounded on the nature of the collaboration they would love to see between the two institutions of higher learning. He noted that as Trent University, they are strong in research. Their research areas include soil pathogens, bio fertilizers, analytic chemistry, pesticides, fungicides and wildlife ecology among others. They have research interests in access to clean water, climate change, renewable energy and technology, hydrology and forestry.

The University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama observed that the University management will support the collaboration, which will empower students to solve community problems and challenges. He noted that WMI has been able to attract students from virtually all the continents of the world including Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

“Environmental issues encompass, sociology, meteorology, geography, anthropology and hence multidisciplinary research would be a life changing experience for students,” he said.

Prof. Rose Nyikal, Principal, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, welcomed the initiative to partner with Trent University. She noted that as a College, they are currently undertaking several research projects and would be glad to partner on aflatoxin issues, storage and drying of grains. She pointed out that aflatoxins menace is a big problem to the farmers in Kenya and contributes significantly to post harvest losses.

Prof. David Mungai, Director, WMI, pointed out that community engagement is key and as an Institute, they have been keen on working closely with the surrounding community to enable students enjoy experiential learning.

“We are keen on giving solutions to the community. We would be keen on collaboration on climate change, training of women on renewable energy,” he said.

These discussions took place on January 14, 2020 at the Wangari Maathai Campus.