University Council Tours Kisumu Campus

University of Nairobi Council led by Prof. Julia Ojiambo toured Kisumu Campus to acclimatize themselves with the issues affecting staff and students at the lakeside city. The visit was on November 8, 2019.

UoN Council Tours Kisumu Campus

Speaking during the event, Council Chair opined that she is ready to work together with the University Management to resolve the issues affecting teaching and learning operations in Kisumu Campus. The Council has been on a tour of various campuses of the University of Nairobi. “We are on a sightseeing mission, we ask you to be part of us, let us work as a team. We are committed to seeing you excel in your studies,” she told the students.

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Mbeche, stated that the University saw the need to put up the wonderful infrastructure after being overwhelmed by the student numbers since the campus opened its doors in 2008. The campus has since attracted over 2,000 students not only from Kenya but also from the neighbouring countries like Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. The Vice Chancellor, challenged student leaders to embrace dialogue when resolving issues. He opined that he embraces open door policy and student leaders are free to call him on his phone and to visit him in his office and discuss issues affecting student life while in campus.

Among the issues raised by the University of Nairobi Student Association ( UNSA) Kisumu Campus Student Leader, Mr. Beacher Gaga include; transport issues and usage of the campus bus, sports facilities including the swimming pool, drainage system when it rains, quality of food at the cafeteria, slow procurement process among others.

Teaching staff poured praise on the Vice Chancellor saying that his administration has been very inspiring and accommodative to the issues affecting teaching and learning. This comes on the backdrop of successful CBA 2017-2021 negotiations and payment of the delayed DSP among others dues owed to the staff over the last few years. Alex Jalaha, Campus Director opined that the campus can be better utilized by having regular students pursuing undergraduate programs at the campus. Currently, the campus hosts module II students who prefer evening classes and hence the campus is not fully utilized during the day. Based on its geographical location, it was observed that the campus is best suited to attract students from the neigbhouring countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. They decried the need to have marketing programs that target the lakeside campus to help increase student enrollment numbers. They stated that the campus has a huge potential for growth.

The Council took the opportunity to tour the various facilities in the campus like library, computer laboratories, lecture halls, cafeteria and the health facility. During the same event, various Heads of Departments at the Kisumu Campus took the opportunity and signed the 2019/2020 Performance Contracts with the University Management.

Going forward the Council and Management will look into the issues raised by staff and students, to help improve the quality of teaching and learning and to improve students experience while in campus.