University of Nairobi holds 62nd Graduation Ceremony.

At the 62 nd Graduation ceremony, a total of 8,428 graduands celebrated their well earned degrees and
achievements on Friday, December 20, 2019 at the Graduation Square, an event in which Prof. Patricia
Kameri-Mbote from the School of Law was awarded a higher doctorate, Doctor of Laws.

University of Nairobi holds 62nd Graduation Ceremony.

Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, Chancellor, University of Nairobi observed that there is need to train for sustainable
development in Kenya. “We need demand driven training,” she said. “We are gathered here in your
honour and monumental achievement. You have made it to this day. Your parents have sacrificed a
great deal to see a better future for yourself. You must not lose respect for those who made you who
you are. Volunteer your skills, it might be the master key, that locks your window of opportunity,” she

The Chair of Council, Prof. Julia Ojiambo observed that the University will continue to trade the path of
reforms because it is necessary for progress. It will help the University rise above mediocrity and rise to
the helm of excellence. “University of Nairobi Council is on strategic planning process which shall be
unveiled early next year. We shall launch strategic plan, early 2020. We shall lay rock solid foundation.
We may not be there to see the fruits. Each one of us is here to define that future,” she said. She took
the opportunity to thank staff most sincerely for the effortless time, energy, expended to prepare
students for the rigorous endless demands that the future holds. She thanked staff and students for
creating a peaceful environment conducive for learning.

To the graduands, she urged them to use the skills acquired to serve God and mankind. “Take advantage
of the opportunities that may come your way,” she said. She urged them to be prepared to adapt to
changes as the future belongs to those who are ready to adapt to change.

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, took the opportunity to thank University
partners who have been generous in giving students scholarships, internships, mentorships, which has
played a key role in producing market ready graduates. “Employability Index released by the Federation
of Kenya Employers, FKE, says that the University of Nairobi graduates are the most preferred in the job
market,” he said. He dispelled the fears that the module programs have been discontinued as
speculated in sections of the media.

The Vice Chancellor singled out UNESCO, Huawei, Zutech technology in China who are working with the
University of Nairobi to ensure that artificial intelligence is used in e-learning. This will go a long way in
ensuring that when eventually Competency Based Curriculum, CBC, children reach the institutions of
higher learning, the university will be well prepared to receive them. French government was
applauded for approving a construction of a Science and Engineering Complex, at a cost of 3.5B. Once
completed, the complex will revolutionize teaching of STEM subjects and production of competent
scientists. It will also help strengthen the University’s position as a leading institution in STEM training.
“We are committed to contribute to Big 4 Agenda, in issues of health. We have established East Africa
Kidney Institute as a center of excellence in training of neurology and nephrology with a total of 300
experts trained for all the 47 counties. Today 5 candidates are graduating with clinical nephrology,” he

University of Nairobi Alumni Association Chairman, Mr. Isaac Awuondo, pleaded with graduating class
2019 to join the Association in order to give back to the bright and needy students. The Association has
been active in supporting University events like Nairobi Innovation Week, Graduation ceremonies, Prize
Giving Day among others.

The best student overall, Bridget Muse, thanked the University staff who ignited the flame of academic
excellence. She urged the graduating Class of 2019 not to be terrified by fear. “We had to step out of our
comfort zone to acquire new friends. Don’t fear failure, be terrified by regret. When we walk out today,
we shall receive many rejections in the job market, don’t fear, “she said. In her final remarks she urged
graduates to never stop learning because life never stops teaching.