The   University of Nairobi Chancellor Dr.  Vijoo Ratansi hosted the newly appointed Council for an induction meeting on 19th August, 2022.

The  Chancellor  congratulated   the Chairperson Prof. Miriam Were and the other new members of the  Council  on their  appointment  and wished  them  noble  stewardship  tasks  in executing  their  function  that lies ahead.

During the meeting, the Chairperson and the new members familiarized themselves with the operations of the University as well all as the conduct and management of council business.

Present during the induction meeting were:-

1.       Dr.  Vijoo Ratansi- The Chancellor

2.       Prof. Stephen Kiama Gitahi, PhD-Vice-Chancellor & Council Secretary

3.       Prof. Miriam Khamadi Were EBS, IOM-Chairperson of Council

4.       Darius Mogaka Ogutu –Member

5.       Samuel Kiiru -    Member

6.       Alison I.N.Kariuki -           Member

7.       CPA. Charles O.Ogolo - Member

8.       CPA. Flora Mtuweta Mighulo Maghanga     -         Member

The  University community looks  forward   to working  with  the  Council towards  a  brighter  future  for  the  institution so that  it can  continue to   embody  the collective  aspirations  of  Kenyan people  and global  community.