Prof Kiama
Brief Summary

VC Welcomes Freshers for the 2020 Academic Year

The University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama welcomed over 8,000  First Years Class of 2020, in a ceremony held at Taifa Hall Main Campus cum Virtually via Zoom, on September 3, 2020.

Speaking during the event, Prof. Kiama, congratulated First Years, both Undergraduate and Post graduate students on the hard work that they put in and propelled them to be admitted into the prestigious University. “Your arrival signals the assurance of continuity of the University. You have now become members of UON family and we are happy that you have chosen to join us,” he said, even as he addressed 10,000 First Years, through video conference software, Zoom. In reality, close to 31,000 people logged into the application during his speech.

The Vice-Chancellor, being futuristic, urged First Years, to look forward to the days ahead when they will be graduating and exiting the university armed with skills and experience that will be useful in helping the Kenyan people and the world solve the challenges. “In two, four, five and some in six years you will be leaving to contribute to a better world with the knowledge skills and experiences you will have gained here. You will acquire a new status, a member of the convocation of the University of Nairobi.

This prestigious status is acquired by only those who remain to the end- who finish the race, who graduate from the University of Nairobi,” he said.

Freshmen were reminded of their obligation to join the university in transforming the society and to make people happier. “Why does a University exist? One may ask. A University exists to engage in the inquiry, pursuit and advancement of knowledge for the betterment of communities and the society at large. As George Washington once said “Knowledge is every country the surest basis of public happiness’.

We do not exist to issue degrees and certificates but to transform the society through knowledge by people like you that go through the University and thus make the people have hope and become happier,” he said.

Professor Kiama took the opportunity to outline the quick drastic measures that the University of Nairobi took to protect the 2020/2021 academic calendar from the COVID19 pandemic that has disrupted learning in many universities across the country and across the globe. “The efforts made it possible for you to join the university in this year, 2020. I salute all our students and staff for their courage, determination, innovativeness, and for taking the bold step to adopt the new normal. 

These are the staff who are going to teach you and mentor you- they are full of hope and optimism. This hope and optimism is infectious, and am sure you are going to become like so by the time you become a member of the convocation,” he said.

Freshmen were urged to acquire technology skills as it will be very essential in this period.

“Application of technology in solving problems and in communication is one of the critical skills for the future that every graduate from the University of Nairobi must acquire for work and for personal survival in this digital era. It is therefore extremely critical that you are equipped with either a laptop or a tablet to enable you access online classes and learning resources. You have embarked on lifelong learning,” he equipped.

In his concluding remarks, Prof. Kiama said, “Today marks a very important milestone in the history of the University of Nairobi. It is the first time that the University has conducted end to end academic processes using online platforms. We processed your admissions online, registered you online and now you are going to be taught online for this Semester.” Comrades have a chance to come and enjoy the serene environment in campus when the pandemic is over. “You will obviously have the opportunity to come together and enjoy the bliss of campus life and comradeship when the current covid-19 pandemic is contained. This is going to be sooner”.

First Years, welcome to the University of Nairobi.