March 27, 2021

Vice Chancellors address to the University Community




I once again take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and commitment to ensuring that our University continues to deliver on its mandate despite challenges and inconveniences brought about by Covid-19 pandemic.

As you recall, in my last address to the University, I mentioned that we may be facing the third wave of COVID 19 Pandemic. Consequently, I urged all of us to continue being vigilant in observing the COVID 19 prevention and control measures. I implored on everyone to take all necessary precautions to prevent getting infected and to protect the people that we love including our family and colleagues.

The President of the republic of Kenya, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his 15th address delivered yesterday to the Nation on Corona Virus Pandemic indeed confirmed that a third Wave of COVID 19 is at hand in Kenya. In order to avert a national health crisis and also in keeping with the recommendations of the National Emergency Response Committee on COVID-19, he issued the Public Order No. 2 of 2021 on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Following the Presidential Address, the Senate deliberated this morning

and resolved on the following:


  1. To comply fully with the Presidential Order number 2 of 2021 issued on March 26th 2021.
  2. To reschedule all in person teaching and learning activities at the University except those in the College of Health Sciences.
  3. All teaching and learning will continue to take place online. The Director ICTC to facilitate staff and students in upscaling the uptake and utilization of online solutions.
  4. To suspend accommodation and catering services immediately and students to vacate the halls of residence immediately but not later than Sunday, 28th March by 10.00am except those in the College of Health Sciences.
  5. International students are encouraged to take advantage of the available international flights to go home and those with challenges to contact the Director Corporate Affairs for any clarification and guidance by email
  6. All members of staff will continue to work from home from with effect from 8.00 AM, Monday 29th March 2021, subject to appropriate work plans, work schedules and targets as managed by heads of departments, except those involved in provision of essential services. Head of units to plan for activities that need to be executed and share the duties in a weekly basis with the College Principal. The Deputy Vice chancellors to monitor the implementation of remote working from home and update the Vice Chancellor regularly. In this regard, the following Departments will remain open as they Constitute Essential services:  The directorate of Security and Safety services, The Veterinary hospital, the Field Station, Veterinary Farm, The Dental Hospital and the University Health Services.
  7. Critical services that will need to be managed from the offices should be managed on case by case basis in consultation with the Vice Chancellor.
  8. The Management and Senate will continually review the situation and advice the university community progressively.

In addition, all members of staff and students are also asked to note that the Presidential orders were effective Midnight on 26th March 2020.

There will be no gatherings and in-person meetings of whatever nature within the premises of the University of Nairobi. All University meetings will continue to be conducted online.

All sporting activities in the university are suspended and our sports facilities including fields will be shut down with immediate effect.

All recreational facilities in the University premises including Members Clubs are suspended until further notice.  Restaurants and eateries in the University premises shall remain closed unless they have capacity to provide takeaway services ONLY.


As regards vaccination of staff, I have detailed the Principal college of Health Sciences and the Chief Medical Officer to make arrangements for vaccination of staff at our University Health services. Members of staff are also asked to be free to visit any government facility that has been designated as a vaccination center.


Ladies and gentlemen

Let us do whatever is in our powers to ensure the chain of transmission of corona virus is broken. It can be done. We shall do it.


God bless you richly



Prof. Kiama Gitahi

Vice Chancellor