The University of Nairobi once again demonstrated its unrivaled talent and artistic brilliance as its students shone brightly at the recent National Music Festival. The remarkable achievements of the students were celebrated during a special ceremony, where they presented their well-deserved trophies to Prof. Stephen Kiama, the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The event, held at the prestigious Chandaria Centre for Performing Arts, UoN Towers, on May 19, 2023, showcased the University of Nairobi's commitment to nurturing and celebrating exceptional talent.

The National Music Festival, a highly esteemed annual event in the country, witnessed University of Nairobi students emerging victorious in various categories, cementing their reputation as exceptional performers. The students' outstanding achievements not only brought pride to themselves but also garnered recognition for their alma mater on a national stage.

During the trophy presentation ceremony, Prof. Stephen Kiama expressed his profound admiration for the exceptional performances displayed by the University of Nairobi students. He emphasized the commitment and dedication of the tutors who nurtured these talented individuals, enabling them to achieve such remarkable success. The Vice-Chancellor commended the tutors for their unwavering efforts in honing the students' skills and creating an environment conducive to artistic growth.

Prof. Kiama took immense pride in the fact that the University of Nairobi has consistently excelled in the performing arts domain. He acknowledged the exceptional talent within the student community and stated that the university truly serves as the home of talents. The Vice-Chancellor's words of praise echoed the sentiment that the University of Nairobi values and encourages the development of all forms of artistic expression.