Prof. Kiama
Prof. Stephen Kiama Gitahi
8th Vice-Chancellor - University of Nairobi


We want to have a University that :
  • Benefits the present and future generation.
  • Provides highest quality learning and teaching for students.
  • Leads in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Attracts, grows, supports and recognizes talent among students and staff.

University of Nairobi will be the destination of choice for outstanding local and international students, scholars, innovators and industry. The preferred knowledge partner for government, private sector, development partners and society in general on ideas, solutions, critique and policy directions. The trusted resource in thought leadership and impact on the society culturally, politically, socially and economically.

Prof. S.G. Kiama | 8th Vice Chancellor | University of Nairobi

Focus of the Reforms

My five 5-point reform agenda is aimed at transforming the University into "A vibrant, relevant and Sustainable University"